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About Us
Evermay Community Association and Our Evermay Neighborhood
The Evermay Community Association (“ECA”) was formed in 1969 as a voluntary, non-profit, educational and charitable homeowner association.  ECA was formed to advance the interests of the owners and residents in the Evermay subdivision, located in the Dranesville District, Fairfax County.  Over subsequent years, ECA established a record which continues to this day of many accomplishments as a result of strong support by Evermay residents and the dedicated work of its volunteer officers, directors and committee members.
In its activities, the Association is non-partisan and non-sectarian.  Membership in the Association is open to persons owning property in the Evermay subdivision. Upon payment of annual dues each household has one vote in matters submitted to the membership of the Association.  The Treasurer sends bills for the annual dues in early January for the fiscal year that begins on December 1.  Non-owner residents who pay the dues are entitled to participate in all Evermay activities, but do not have voting rights.
The mission and purposes of ECA are:
•       Administer and enforce the Evermay Restrictive Covenants;
•       Promote the civil, educational and social welfare of residents of Evermay;
•       Seek the cooperation of and cooperate with other organizations of similar purpose;
•       Maintain and improve Evermay as a residential center;
•       Promote public improvements; and
•       Encourage community beautification.
The implementation of these purposes is accomplished by volunteer members of the Association, or contracted for, utilizing funds of the Association, in the following ways:
•       Ensuring full compliance with and adherence to the spirit and explicit provisions of the Evermay Restrictive Covenants, which are legally binding on all Evermay Subdivision properties.
•       Promoting the safety and security of Evermay residents and their property.
•       Interfacing actively with local and regional government offices and other entities, to protect the community from any source of adverse impact.
•       Establishing entrance landscaping, including seasonal flowers, and maintaining these areas plus the areas bordering Evermay along Rt. 123.
•       Providing lighting for the entrance signs and expenses of maintaining the lighting.
•       Monitoring the private trash collection service to ensure quality service.
•       Monitoring and encouraging the proper maintenance of lawns, grounds, trees, fences, mailboxes, and general appearances of homes in Evermay.
•       Monitoring street, sidewalk and sign conditions, notifying appropriate agencies for maintenance when required.
•       Publishing a community telephone directory.
•       Publishing periodic updates to communicate the Association’s business, social activities and local events affecting our community.
•       Maintaining membership on local boards, associations and ad hoc groups to further the welfare of Evermay residents.
Our Evermay neighborhood is now fully built and consists of 166 single-family homes.    If you are interested, we have compiled a brief history of the community.  Also here is complete map of our Evermay neighborhood.
Local Public Schools:
South side of Evermay
Franklin Sherman Elementary
Longfellow Middle School
McLean High
North side of Evermay
Franklin Sherman Elementary
Cooper Middle School
Langley High
For those interested in the Evermay Community Association the Association's Handbook which contains the restrictive covenants which apply to all homes in Evermay and the Association's Restrictive Covenant Guidelines and the Special Subject Guidelines implementing those covenants can be found by clicking on the hyperlinks in this sentence.