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Deeds of Dedication and Restrictive Covenants
Evermay Deeds of Dedication and Restrictive Covenants
When Evermay was developed it was subdivided into seven sections starting in 1966 with the first section.  Section 1 was the first subdivision in 1966 and was made subject to the 12 Evermay restrictive covenants.  As each additional section was added, the same identical 12 restrictive covenants were filed in each of the additional Deeds of Dedication for the additional six sections.  A copy of each of the deeds of dedications containing the 12 restrictive covenants for all 7 subdivisions are attached.  The deed book and page references for each of the 7 subdivision sections are as follows:
Section 1           -             Deed Book 2838, pages 473-488
Section 2           -             Deed Book 3160, pages 218-234
Section 3           -             Deed Book 3319, pages 279-292, corrected in Deed Book 3530, pages 353-363
Section 4           -             Deed Book 3635, pages 385-393
Section 5           -             Deed Book 3794, pages 455-467
Section 5A        -              Deed Book 3917, pages 330-338
Section 5B        -              Deed Book 3917, pages 339-347
Section 6           -             Deed Book 4034, pages 93-101
Section 7A        -              Deed Book 5236, pages 218-215
Section 7B        -              Deed Book 5553, pages 185-193
Section 7C        -              Deed Book 5741, pages 882-893
As shown in the attached Evermay Map, Sections 1-6 are contiguous and are located on the south side of Route 123/Dolley Madison Blvd (the Potomac School Road side).  Section 1-6 contains a total of 127 homes.  Section 7 is on the north side of Route 123/Dolley Madison Blvd. and is separated from Sections 1-6.  Section 7 contains 32 homes.  All homes in Section 1-7 are part of the Evermay Community Association and are governed by the rules of the Evermay Community Association.   In accordance with Item No. 9 in the Restrictive Covenants, the developer assigned all of its rights to the Evermay Community Association by Deeds of Assignment and Easement.  The Deed of Assignment applicable to Sections 1-6 was executed and recorded in January 1985 (Deed Book 6089, pages 1582-1584 –copy attached).  The Deed of Assignment applicable to Section 7 was executed and recorded in March 1987 (Deed Book 6673, pages 337-338).